I have had a long love affair with the journey of LIFE itself.   What it has come down to at this time of a “wild and precious life” is the nurturing and growing of love and embracing my unique creative expression and presence  As for most of you, it has taken a long and winding road to embody….. oh what a journey!


Mission Beach Boardwalk

Born just a hop over a beach wall to the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Mission Beach, San Diego,  California I have always been completely in love with the buoyancy of salt water whether jumping the waves, body surfing with sea lions, swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii, or boogie boarding on the crest of a wave yelling with pure joy all the way to shore.

Times like these spent in nature have taught me to live life full on in alignment with heart, soul, passion, and definitely a sense of humor!  This means that I desire to be in the world totally without inhibition, without fear, and without anxiety which translates into Being fully present and available to the Source of all life.  Often easier said than lived!

This moment to moment relationship with life has not come easily in the past, but nowa9a3c70d092700b1292494099ad2451f my mantra has become “if not now, when?”  I am constantly aware of the interwoven and interrelated connection that all life shares on this planet – in the cosmos.  The work that I do with others, and in every relationship, originates from this deeply spiritual, grounded and unfolding space encompassing a global outreach.

As with everyone else on this planet I share the history of grief, struggle, heartache, trauma, sadness, death, and confusion.  These experiences have given my life texture and awareness that could not, I believe,  have come to light in any other way.

it has been an on going life challenge to simply embody my own innate value and belonging within the ground of Being where everything  arises offering possibilities.   I learned from this space to trust the unfolding of life.

It is this journey that fascinates me and one which I love to inspire in others.  It is this journey that unveils the best of each of us to express creatively and courageously with a whole heart, by simply Being who we are without the identities that confine our true nature and expression.

Global Healing Conference, Ubud, Bali

Global Healing Conference, Ubud, Bali

Having traveled a bit to various parts of the world – central Mexico eco-village to study with shamans and healers; Baja California to an indigenous village to help restore a man’s sight; Bali, Indonesia to a global healing conference;  the mountains of British Columbia to backpack and commune with nature; and an Eco Lodge in the Lake Como area of Northern Italy –  I have found the world is extremely small and people all over have the same basic needs, hopes and dreams.

It is to this natural interconnection that I am drawn over and over and am consistently taken into the deep wisdom given to us by Nature and the indigenous peoples of the world.  Transformational Transitions in Union With the Natural World was a focus for me while living in Vermont and attending Goddard College. It continues to crack me open as I walk my own path and witness that of those around me.

Curiosity and a thirst for the deeply spiritual has taken me into exploration of many 4a58cc00_5c18d3f5_golden buddha handsreligious traditions and spiritual paths. These have created a woven tapestry for my own unique spiritual alignment.  The one thing that I gained from these explorations is all paths ultimately contain a repeating thread that brings them all together as One.

My San Diego home base has changed frequently since 3 incredible sons have made their way up and out into the world gifting me with 3 beautiful grandchildren.  I have been home in Northern California/Bay area; Honesdale, PA at the Himalayan Institute; Middlebury, Vermont; Corvallis, Oregon; Austin, Texas; back to California in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothill town of Nevada City on 20 acres of land near the Yuba River; and currently in the lush mountain area of Asheville, N. Carolina – all where beautiful communities of friends reside.

Blogging and writing are a passion!  You will find 3 blogs and a published book, Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath on this website.

From childhood on a love affair with words captivated me.  It resulted in hundreds of dusty journals, volumes of poems, and an abundance of stories and poetic prose about people, cultures, healing, spirituality, science, the arts, the natural world and everyday life.

In 2013 the study and practice of  the Language of Being/Ontological Mastership birthed a much larger context from which to create, live life as it unfolds, and be more effective in my actions.   It has also brought forth the clarity of a lifetime calling: Devotion to being of absolute highest service to Divine Source & Mother Earth .

The story of each of our lives continues to evolve and unfold at this great evolutionary turning.  If I can be of assistance in guiding you on your journey please take the time to connect.  I know I will learn from you as well and we shall ride that wave together!

Two hands together at my heart…

Image by Dewitt Jones

Image by Dewitt Jones

The Light Source within a breaking wave always flowing home to the shore of Being….


Natural Passages Consulting

Inspiring New Possibilities, Living From the Heart of Life While Co-creating Well Being of Body, Mind, Heart and Planet….One Breath At A Time


Gaye Abbott, RYT, CMT is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher/Therapist and has Advanced Training with Integrative Yoga Therapy as well as being a Master Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner working deeply with balancing and harmonizing energy patterns and releasing body conversations that obstruct flow.  Studied Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu and completed Advanced Practitioner Training.

She was in the medical/alternative health/healing professions for over 30 years, practiced massage therapy for 16 years, and has extensive experience with 1000′s of people in classes, workshops, private sessions, retreat settings, special needs/health challenges, and in shifting the breathing patterns that limit creativity, vital life energy, and vibrant health.

Presentations include college/university campus, hospital & medical clinic, hospice, high school, corporate, non-profit, cancer support group, yoga, and women’s crisis center settings.


Botanical Gardens, UNC Asheville, N. Carolina

Home to Gaye is in Weaverville N. Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Asheville area within the lushness of a temperate rain forest.  All beckoning her to hike the many waterfall and creek filled trails, listen to the abundant birdsong, commune with bears from time to time and enjoy the Southern warm welcome found everywhere. 

You will find Gaye practicing Wisdom Healing Qigong and yoga outside on the deck as a celebration to the start of each day and dancing freely and with great passion whenever and wherever she can – even within the inevitable challenges of embodied life!

  Gaye can be reached via the Contact page on this website. 


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Art rather than a technique.  An Art is a skilled, limitless creation whereas a technique is a mechanical application.

A session of Jin Shin can potentially harmonize, redirect, unblock and recharge the energy flows along the pathways of the body. Read More Here


Coaching/Editing for Transformative Writers



Finding Home – Pathways to Conscious Embodied Relocation

3 Responses to About

  1. Gaye Abbott says:

    Comment from Carol in San Diego, California: “I love the rich and traveled life you’ve lived…..the scope of your passions…..and all the powerful healing services you offer! Thank you for going for the gold, for putting yourself “out there” and sharing your gifts with the world! You’re truly an inspiration!
Carol (San Diego, CA)

  2. Everything happens for a reason… Sometimes the reason is obvious, sometimes it’s obscure. You and I were supposed to meet last Saturday at the Austin Handcrafted Arts Show surrounded by all forms of expression and creativity. As I read your words above, I love the way you open your heart with arms outstretched and face turned towards the sun, ready to offer a hand or to guide a breath. Just beautiful. I look forward to reading your book, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath.” Thank you for sharing your gifts! Namaste, Debra (Austin, TX).

    • Gaye Abbott says:

      What a beautiful comment Debra! I look forward to deepening our connection….and yes our meeting felt like “soul sisters” talking to each other. Thank you for sharing your gifts too! You sparkle when you talk about teaching yoga to kids!! Namaste, Gaye

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